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is blowin' in the windThe Answerit's alrightHere Comes the SunLet's find outWhat's Right for You?

The Answer

is blowin' in the wind

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Here Comes the Sun

it's alright

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What's Right for You?

Let's find out

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Blowin’ Wind

It sure is windy here in New York! But do you know how to harness that monster and make it work for you? Enter to find out.

Shinin’ Sun

Does solar really make sense in New York where the sun hides behind 8′ walls of snow for months at a time? The short answers is YES!! The Long Answer is..

It’s Rocket Science

Harnessing the energy in the wind and sun is infinitely interesting. The process not only involves creative engineering but some tedious bureaucracy as well. Read on to see how we do what we do!

The Science that isn’t

Renewable Energy is truly fascinating and has resulted in some extraordinary claims – both by naysayers and the enthusiasts! Read on for some laughs and then some fun science.